General Questions

On an average, our turnaround is 3-5 business days. Our production time depends on various factors. Quantity of the signs, sign type, number of colors in the artwork. Yard signs are a seasonal product, therefore we experience larger number of orders during spring and summer season, hence longer production times.

Yes, we can. Simple designs are free of charge. We can also assist with creating a successful advertising campaign, based on our experience in the industry and other useful information.

We work with major shipping providers to make sure your signs are delivered on time and within your budget. Price depends on quantity and your location. We ship from Toronto, Ontario.

Most common size for the lawn bag signs is 24″ wide by 20″ high. They also come in other sizes like 24×18, 24×30, or 24×32.

Bag Sign Questions

Wire stands are included in the price of a bag sign. If for any reason you do not need the wires with your order, the cost of the wire can be deducted from the total price.

Bag signs are double sided by default. The price you see is for a 2 sided sign. If you need 1 sided signs the price will remain the same.

Directional signs are very popular for sales events and wayfinding. We do offer directional signs. Additional setup fee applies.

Coroplast & Post Sign Questions

Wire stands are included in the price of a coroplast sign. However, post signs do not require the wires, therefore the cost does not include the h-wire.

Coroplast signs come in 3 sizes. 24″x12″, 24″x16″, and 24″x18″. We can also cut the coroplast into various sizes. Please contact us for any cusom requirements.

Post signs are usually mounted on the poles or fences, therefore they do not require the h-wire stand in order to use them.

Great questions and awesome answers are added daily, please contact us if you cant find an answer you are looking for.

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